What’s this program about?

An evidence-based, in-home parenting education program focused on child safety, parenting skills, social supports, and positive decision making. Parent Partner is an in-home parenting education program specifically designed for your personal parenting interests and needs. Most frequently, parents want to learn about child development and effective limit setting strategies, but YOU determine the topics.

Our Parent Partner Program is designed to help strengthen families and increase bonding and enjoyment of each other. Degreed parenting professionals provide support and parenting information while coaching parents in new, effective parenting skills.

Who can participate?

The Parent Partner Program is available to Manatee County English and Spanish speaking families with children up to 12 years of age, living in the home.

How does it work?

Parents typically begin with the plan to meet for 24 weekly, hour-long sessions.  After a period of time, some parents and their parenting educator may decide that less frequency of visits works better for them. Toward the end of the program, visits may be as infrequent as monthly.  Some parents need more than 24 visits to learn all they desire, some less.  This program is individually tailored to each family, not only for frequency, but for location of meetings and parenting topics discussed. Some visits are in parks or local libraries to broaden parents’ knowledge base of activities kids like to do that foster bonding (play) and literacy.

How much does it cost?

There is a $10 registration fee for this program. That is the only charge due to generous contributions grants and private donations.

How will it benefit my family?

Understanding your children better and having effective skills to foster their positive behaviors will make your life easier and happier, and improve your family relationships.  Your parenting educator will support (and cheer you on!)  as you challenge yourself in new directions for your parenting, and can coach you as you apply your new skills. The information you are given will foster positive behavior and good self-esteem in your children— which are strong indicators of school success. Parents report increased enjoyment of their children, reduced stress and better understanding of their child’s behaviors after participating in this program. Children’s behavior and early literacy skills also improve. Family connectedness soars!

How can I get started?

Call  756-3007 or email programs@parentingmattersfl.org.