Musical Motion participants explore music, sign language, ABC’s, 123’s, and more.

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Musical Motion

Musical Motion is a parent-preschooler learn & play group that encourages fun parent-child bonding. It also helps to builds early learning and literacy skills in children. Musical Motion participants explore music, sign language, ABC’s, 123’s, and more. Sessions focus on creative activities to build preschoolers’ social skills and enhance brain development. Using puppets, parachutes and scarves, children learn about the Forty Developmental Assets, health, safety, and motor skill development – all while parents share information and tips with other parents and experienced Parenting Educators.


The Parent Partner Program is available to Manatee County English and Spanish speaking families with children up to 12 years of age, living in the home.

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Parent Partner

An evidence-based, in-home parenting education program focused on child safety, parenting skills, social supports, and positive decision making. Parent Partner is specifically designed for your personal parenting interests and needs. Most frequently, parents want to learn about child development and effective limit setting strategies, but YOU determine the topics. Our Parent Partner Program is designed to help strengthen families and increase bonding and enjoyment of each other. Degreed parenting professionals provide support and parenting information while coaching parents in new, effective parenting skills.


If you have a child that you just don’t seem to “get” or who needs strategies modified or “tweaked” to suit their unique needs, this is the program for you.

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Teamin’ Up for Tots

Teamin’ Up for Tots is a shortened version of the Parent Partner Program designed for those parents for whom only a few visits are desired. In this program, parents of newborns to three years old “TEAM” with an early childhood educator in 60 minute sessions designed with the specific parent and child needs in mind. Parents choose what they want to know from a variety of topics like: temperament, playing to learn, tantrums, and brain development. An experienced educator delivers information and materials in your home for up to ten individually designed “Team Meetings.” Parents who want to extend their home visits after 10 Teaming Up for Tots sessions are welcomed into the Parent Partner Program to continue their education.


You will learn strategies that will enable you to parent more effectively and successfully by increasing family bonding activities and positive discipline skills.

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Act Parenting

The Act Parenting Program is a combination of 10 group and 5 in-home family sessions designed to meet your parenting interests and needs. Group Sessions are held in various locations in Manatee County. They are a fun and social way to help with the day-to-day issues of parenting. Topics include temperament, development, communication, discipline strategies, parenting styles and others that the group may want addressed. Family sessions are individual, personalized meetings with your Parenting Educator and can be held in the comfort of your home or another location of your choice.


Parenting Matters partners with community organizations & corporations to present on-site workshops and seminars on a wide variety of parenting issues.

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Parents Café

Our Parenting Educators are traveling to area communities to deliver our popular workshops to audiences of parents and caregivers. These are led by professional Parenting Educators, and are tailored to meet the needs of the adult learner. They are conveniently scheduled for 1-2 hour sessions for single sessions or a seminar series. You may call 941-756-3007 to request our rates or inquire about specific parenting topics.


Parents recovering from addiction meet to discuss the challenges and joys of parenting.

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Parents in Recovery

If you join this group, you will be among parents who share very common issues and concerns related to past mistakes and future dreams. You will learn the dynamics of substance abuse and its impact on your family, especially your children. You will learn to set goals, talk appropriately with your kids about past issues, and problem solve to move forward with optimism. You will be challenged to work on your own self-esteem and encouraged in all your efforts by the group and a Parenting Educator with 20 years experience in this field.


Parents, grandparents and caregivers meet with a professional Parenting Educator to discuss the challenges and joys of parenting.

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Active Parenting

These weekly ongoing sessions help Spanish speaking families deal with the day-to-day issues of parenting. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers meet with professional Parenting Educators to discuss the challenges of parenting in a new culture, as well as the parenting concerns. They also discuss common issues, such as: communication, family bonding, family safety, literacy, discipline and temperament. Parents are also encouraged to bring up their own topics for discussion.