DSCN3754Imagine you just got paid and your measly check barely covers the past due electric bill, half the rent and some rice and beans to feed your family until you get paid again. You anticipate the disappointment in your children’s eyes on Christmas day when they will wake up to see there are no gifts from Santa. You try to figure out what you will say and how you will dry their tears.

With the help of individuals and businesses in our community, 80 families and 170 children received food and gifts this holiday season. The looks on the parents’ faces when we brought wrapped presents and baskets of food was one of awe, overwhelming emotion, and relief. We heard many say, “I don’t know why someone would do this for us.” We responded, “Because you matter.”

Imagine being in one of their homes on Christmas morning as the children run to see what Santa has brought just for them.

If you’re interested in helping ensure this holiday season is a special one for one of our families, contact Robin at 941-756-3007 or to learn how you can help.


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