Chosen Families

chosen families

What is the program about?

Chosen Families is a unique, multi-faceted support program for adoptive families. The program goal is to provide the counseling, education, and support needed for parents and children to develop and sustain safe, secure, and nurturing relationships for families formed from adoption.

Who can participate?

Manatee County residents who have a finalized adoption for children between birth and 17 years old qualify for our program. This program is for families formed from all types of adoption (domestic, private, child welfare, international, step-parents, and relatives).

How does it work?

Although Chosen Families is comprised of three agencies (Parenting Matters, Family Network on Disabilities and Family Resources), one call to our Family Service Coordinator (941-756-3007) is all that is necessary to begin to explore the services available. The Family Service Coordinator will arrange to meet with you to discuss your family, assist in the enrollment process and access the services needed.  Depending on your family’s need and schedule, services normally start not long after enrollment. Our services are ala carte which means your family can use all of our services or just one. This makes Chosen Families unique in the sense that we can work with the services your family  may already have in place and enhance them with the addition of our adoption competent services. Our number one concern is that your family is receiving the services you want and need.


How much does it cost?

Fees vary for services, ranging from $10-$30. No insurance is required. Fees can be reduced or waived on an individual basis. Our goal is to serve all families, regardless of income.

How will it benefit my family?

You and/or your child will receive services from a comprehensive team working to assist your family. These intensive services, including counseling, parenting support, respite and advocacy, focus on helping you to not only preserve your child’s adoption, but to establish and strengthen the bonds between you and your child. These services are not limited just to your adopted children; any of your children living in your home are eligible to participate.

What makes us unique?

Each member of the Chosen Families team is certified adoption competent. We understand the unique experiences your family may face. Our team combines the expertise of 3 local agencies: FND provides educational advocacy and respite care, Family Resources provides counseling and residential respite care, and Parenting Matters provides parenting support and a family service coordinator. In addition, we offer support groups and an 8-week program, Charting The Course.

How can I get started?

Call Parenting Matters at 941-756-3007 and ask to speak to our Family Service Coordinator. The main office is located in Bradenton, FL.

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