What’s this program about?

These weekly ongoing sessions help Spanish speaking families deal with the day-to-day issues of parenting. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers meet with professional parenting educators to discuss the challenges of parenting in a new culture as well as the parenting concerns and issues common to all such as communication, family bonding, family safety, literacy, discipline and temperament. Parents are also encouraged to bring up their own topics for discussion.

Who can participate?

Parents must be Manatee County residents, parenting children under 17.

How does it work?

Meetings are weekly on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8M. Child care is provided by experienced professional caregivers.
Parents typically attend at least 12 sessions however parents are welcome to attend as long as they wish and return whenever they feel in need of support and information.

How much does it cost?

There is a $10 registration fee for this program. That is the only charge due to generous contributions grants and private donations.

How will it benefit my family?

In addition to gaining new insights into why children behave the way they do, you will learn a variety of effective parenting methods such as: establishing routines, setting rules and limits, communicating clearly, listening effectively and enforcing consequences. You will also get support and ideas from other group members during weekly discussions, and most important, you will get encouragement from the group as you tackle new skills. You will be able to discuss challenges in parenting related to living in a new culture, and talk about addressing the needs of children who are growing up in a different culture from the one you did…

How do I get started?